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Take-out & delivery

Logo for Uber Eats Meal delivery is available from our menu in Uber Eats. Explore new tastes. Enjoy the convenience of having your favourites dishes delivered. Be sure to rate after. $10 promo for new users: eatstogetherca6j2fda


Take-out veggie dish Take-out your favourite classics and support your local restaurant. Order from our menu by calling 647-358-6030. Pick it up at 1393 Danforth Ave. May you enjoy our fresh and tasty dishes with your friends and family.


Veggie dishes on injera Join us one day! Share a experience that may include the passing aromas of coffee and cleansing frankincense and relaxing music. 1393 Danforth Ave is near Greenwood Station. Hours: 11am-12am. Fri/Sat 11am-2am.