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About us

It’s all about flavour!
We offer inviting traditional meals even for a novice to the cuisine. The end result is simply tasty food; really good tasty food. The dining experience may also include the passing aromas of coffee, frankincense, and a friendly smile. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are a highlight along with optional gluten-free injera. Injera is a part of every meal. It’s spongy flatbread used to pick up food. Please read our customer reviews and savour authentic Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes today from our lunch and dinner menu.

What does Abugida mean?
It’s pronounced “ä-bu-gi-da” and it is from the first four symbols of Ethiopia’s writing system: አቡጊዳ (Abugida). Learn more about abugida.

The Danforth welcomes you 🙂
We’re in the centre of Toronto’s beloved The Danforth neighbourhood. All are welcome – you, your family, friends and co-workers. We serve people looking to try something new, our neighbours (East York, Greektown, Upper Beaches, Leslieville, Gerrard India Bazaar and downtown), visitors to Toronto, and the local Ethiopian and Eritrean community.

Two owners

Chaltu Wordofa Deti and Elsabete Shamebo have worked in restaurants for many years and later met by having relatives in common through their partners.

Suggestions welcome